Month/YearTeam AgeChampion/FinalistPicture of the team Tournament city
March 2017G2002Finalist14APlayers Showcase
March 2017B2003WFinalist14ASWSC Spring March Madness
March 2017B2005 SouthChampions14ASWSC Spring March Madness
March 2017B2008 SouthFinalist14ASWSC Spring March Madness
March 2017G2007WFinalist14ACalifornia Cup
March 2007G2007Finalist14ACalifornia Cup
January 2017B2005Champions14AVegas Cup
January 2017G2007Champions14AMurrieta Surf Winter Classic
January 2017G2006Finalist14AMurrieta Surf Winter Classic
January 2017B2004WChampions14AMurrieta Surf Winter Classic
January 2017B2005Champions14AWinter - Youngers
December 2016G2007Champions14AAlbion Showcase
December 2016G2003Champions14AAlbion Showcase
December 2016G2002Champions14ACSL PREMIER
December 2016G20072nd Place14ACSL Bronze
December 2016G2004W2nd Place14ACSL Bronze
December 2016B20052nd Place14ACSL Silver Elite
December 2016G000W2nd Place14ACSL Silver South
November 2016G2002Bracket Winner14ANovember Nights Showcase
November 2016B2003WChampions14ANomads Thanksgiving Tournament
September 2016G1999Champions14ASan Diego Labor Day Cup
September 2016G2004WFinalist14ARaincross Cup XI
September 2016B2008Finalist14ATemecula Labor Day Cup
August 2016B2004 WhiteChampionsIMG_0690OC Kick Off Classic
August 2016G2003 FinalistIMG_0690Players Cup
August 2016G1999 ChampionsIMG_0690Kick Off Classic
August 2016G2006FinalistIMG_0690Toyota of Orange Classic
August 2016G2007ChampionsIMG_0690Toyota of Orange Classic
August 2016G2004ChampionsIMG_0690Toyota of Orange
August 2016 G2005ChampionsIMG_0690Toyota of Orange
August 2016 G1998ChampionsIMG_0690West Coast Tournament file
August 2016 G2002ChampionsIMG_0690West Coast Tournament file
August 2016 B2002ChampionsIMG_0690AC Brea Summer Classic
August 2016B2005FinalistIMG_0690AC Brea Summer Classic
August 2016G2007 WhiteFinalistIMG_0690Tournament of Champions
August 2016G1998ChampionsIMG_0690South Slammers College Showcase
July 2016G2007 WhiteFinalistIMG_0690Copa Cabana Beach Tournament
July 2016B2004 WhiteFinalistIMG_0690Champion Cup file
March 2016G2007ChampionsIMG_0690Southwest Spring Showcase
March 2016G2005ChampionsIMG_0574California Cup
March 2016
B1998ChampionsIMG_0574Las Vegas Player's Showcase
March 2016G1997Finalist California Cup
November 2015G04FinalistAug 2015 12 CHAMPS Murrieta SUrf Summer ClassicNomad's Thanksgiving Tournament
November 201514 years old1st PlaceCSL Silver South
August 2015 G02ChampionsAug 2015 12 CHAMPS Murrieta SUrf Summer Classic Murrieta Surf Tournament
August 2015 G03Champions4Murrieta Surf Tournament
August 2015 B04Finalist5Murrieta Surf Tournament
August 2015 G07Finalist6 IE Surf Tournament
August 2015 G06Finalist6AIE Surf Tournament
August 2015 G07Finalist6BSC Surf Summer Classic
August 2015 B06Champions7Arsenal Summer Kickoff
August 2015 B06FinalistSC Surf Tournament
August 2015 G04FinalistChampions Hotspurs Tournament
July 2015 G06FinalistFC Man United Tournament
May 2015B06ChampionsYucaipa - Spartans Cup
May 2015G03ChampionsCSL Spring Cup
March 2015 B97ChampionsLas Vegas Showcase
March 2015 G98ChampionsSoCal National Premier League
January 2015 G04ChampionsArsenal Winter Classic
December 201411 years oldChampions13Anaheim Surf Winter Classic
December 201415 years old1st Place14CSL Gold South
December 201414 years old1st Place14ACSL Bronze Central
December 201413 years old1st PlaceCSL Silver East
December 201410 years old2nd Place CSL Silver East
December 201410 years old2nd Place CSL Silver East
December 20149 years old1st place CSL Bronze Central
November 2014 16 years oldChampionsNomads Thanksgiving Tournament
November 201416 years old1st PlaceCSL Premier