‘The Team’

The competitive showcase phase is now the adult game. The sole purpose is to create players who understand how to have an identity within a corporate setting. The primary focus is on tactical acumen and getting players exposed and prepared for the ODP State Teams, National Training Centers and Teams, College and even Professional tryouts. Players are encouraged to continue to play attacking and attractive soccer but to develop a pragmatic and responsible mentality in attaining results. It is at this stage that players are naturally motivated by results and this mentality should be cultivated in a positive manner.

“No coach has ever won a game by what he knows; it’s what the players know that counts.”
– Paul “Bear” Bryant, University of Alabama, former football coach


  • 2-3 X per week training sessions, based upon training and match cycle
  • 90-120 minutes per session, based upon training and match cycle
  • 1 X per week of specialized training and/or tactical class sessions, based upon training and match cycle
  • 1-2 matches per weekend in a 11 vs. 11 format (10 field players and a goalkeeper), based on the training and match cycle
  • Showcase and selected tournament play only

Curriculum Focus

  • Tactical Acumen
  • Attacking Play
  • Result Oriented Pragmatism
  • Exposure to Selection Programs, Colleges and Professional Tryouts

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