‘We; me and my teammates.’

At the performance phase the game begins to emulate the adult version we all envision. It is during this phase that players begin to feel their place within the game and within their team.  This is the time when players feel emboldened to emulate their idols and also give their coach the utmost attention.  Technique is refined within functional exercises, focusing on the specific areas of the field and positional needs.  The use of game-related exercises will also refine players tactical understanding, technical proficiency as well as their fitness needs.  Coaches will teach players their roles and functions within formations and systems of play, and it is at this age that the aesthetic style of play should become evident.

“Once they cross that line, it’s their game. It’s not about us as coaches; it’s about them being able to make decisions.”
– Jay Hoffman, US Youth Soccer Region I ODP Boys, former head coach


  • 2-3 X per week training sessions, based on training and match cycle
  • 90-120 minutes per session, based on training and match cycle
  • 1-2 matches per weekend in a 11 vs. 11 format (10 field players and a goalkeeper), based on training and match cycle
  • Selective tournament play at discretion of technical staff and club D.O.C
  • Futsal, Indoor and/or street soccer, based on training and match cycle
  • Primary position, with tactical flexibility based on match or team needs and/or objectives.

Curriculum Focus:

  • Attacking Play as Related to the 11-Aside Game
  • Formations and System of Play
  • Technical-Tactical Functions Based on Positions and Areas of Field
  • Increased Speed of Play
  • Defensive Play as Related to the 11-Aside Game

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