‘Me, my ball and my buddy.’

At the foundation phase we use the child’s intrinsic nature of ‘play’ and their attraction to their toys- in this case the ball.  At this age it is unrealistic and unnatural for players to play a corporate style of soccer and to force it is to skip the vital stages of exploration and discovery.  BYSC coaches will perform loads of activities that are ‘play’ in nature, focusing on individual skill development in the areas of basic dribbling, passing and receiving, and shooting.

‘Play is the highest form of research.’ Albert Einstein


  • 2 X per week training sessions
  • 60-80 minutes per session, based on training and match cycle
  • 1-2 matches per weekend in 7 vs. 7 format (6 field players and goalkeeper), based on training and match cycle
  • Positional Rotations

Curriculum Focus:

  • Dribbling
  • Passing and Receiving
  • Shooting and Scoring
  • Coordination and Motor Skills Exercises

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[av_charts title=’Motor Skills and Coordination’ size=’1′ color=’#da6545′]
[av_charts title=’Dribbling’ size=’5′ color=’#e2ce31′]
[av_charts title=’Passing and Basic Combination Play’ size=’2′ color=’#56d0d4′]
[av_charts title=’Shooting and Finishing’ size=’2′ color=’#a9e16e’]