Frequently Asked Questions

Regardless if you have been around the club soccer circuit or this is your first time, BYSC does pride itself on doing things a little different.  Below are some questions you might have followed by the answer on how we do things here.  Some are pretty routine and obvious while others may offer a new insight on BYSC.

What is the difference between BYSC and other competitive clubs?

While we all compete within similar leagues of competition we pride ourselves and we believe separate ourselves in two major areas. First and foremost we are a ‘coach-not poach’ club. We take our commitment to serving our community and its kids very serious. We believe that development within one’s own program is possible and strengthens the ties within the club. Although athletes from outside of Corona are welcome our coaches adhere to a ‘non-poaching’ policy when attaining players.
Second, which ties in to the first point, is we take the development mantra extremely serious here at BYSC. It starts with our very own grassroots program, A.D.L or Academy Development League. While other leagues spend time ‘recruiting’ aka ‘poaching’ our coaches use a systematic and progressive approach in the development of our very own home grown club players. It is our goal that our A.D.L program will directly feed into our Competitive Program.

What is the difference between AYSO and other Recreational Programs to BYSC and it’s Academy Development League?

First and foremost all of our coaches are licensed through the U.S. Soccer Federation. Furthermore our curriculum is derived from our Technical Director who also carries a F.I.F.A certificate in youth development module.

What is the level of time commitment needed to play at BYSC?

The commitment level to play in the club circuit is quite high. On a minimum players will be asked to train at least twice a week for a minimum of 90 minutes per session dependent on level of play, match cycle and development phase. Beyond that it isn’t unusual to play two games a weekend during league which runs from September through the end of November. The club has two ‘dark’ periods or rest periods. One in the winter from late December through early January and another from late June through early July. When not participating in league, teams may be also playing in League Cup, State and National Cup, Elite League play, preparatory tournaments and College Showcases.
For our elite level teams it isn’t uncommon to train 3-4 times a week and attend training camp style sessions in preparation for major events.

How does my child tryout for the competitive teams?

BYSC holds 3-4 club sanctioned tryouts a year.  Many players have come to these events and have been selected during these 1-2 day evaluations.  If you miss this event but are still interested in a tryout, the club staff will work on finding an appropriate date to come and tryout within the team training setting.

What does BYSC look for when selecting players?

Although experience at the club level may help a player get selected, it is not the only criteria we look for as a technical staff.  We use an acronym called T.I.P.S to use as a guideline. ‘T’- stands for technique.  Does the player exhibit technical skills that can be improved within our methodology? ‘I’- stands for insight.  Does the player have an instinct and understanding of the game that can be improved within our program? ‘P’- stands for personality.  Does the player show confidence and a competitive spirit that can be fostered within our program? ‘S’- stands for speed.  This does not only represent ‘point A to point B’ type of speed, but also speed of thought and one’s speed of play.  Does the player have this component that can be developed greater in our program?